Hi! I'm Emily

I love plaid shirts, running, bullet journalling, my dogs, Spotify, yoga, warm light, orange sunsets, beach holidays, Marvel movies, podcasts, unexpected moments, serendipity and the word 'haberdashery'.

You live in Uganda?

That’s right! My husband & I live in Jinja but I was born and raised in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

So what brought you to Jinja?

It’s all about the River Nile. I first visited on a short kayaking trip in 2007 and I continued to visit for several months at a time for the next few years. I moved here permanently in December 2012 when my husband, Sam, and I bought our kayaking company, Kayak the Nile.



Yup, before photography, it was all about kayaking – freestyle kayaking on white water to be more specific. That’s where a paddler surfs standing waves and does tricks. I used to compete a lot and the Nile is an excellent white water training ground.


So when did you start doing photography?

I bought my first DSLR camera in my early 20s and my curiosity for creating images has only grown and grown since then.

I stumbled across the joy that wedding photography brings me when I photographed my sister’s wedding. I love everything about it! It’s a privilege to witness such a special moment in a couples’ lives and I love getting to know the people I am photographing.

Taking the images from the camera and creating a beautiful final product that can conjure many happy memories and emotions is a very special thing.

Do you just do weddings?

No; not just weddings. I love capturing people in general, natural moments and telling a story and I also enjoy variety in my work. In 2016, a few highlights for me were shooting women harvesting and processing shea nuts in rural northern Uganda for an organic shea butter company, capturing a non-profit jewellery making collective and photographing playgrounds in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement for East African Playgrounds.

As you’re in Uganda now, do you only work there?

No; I love to travel and  I am available for weddings in Uganda, all around East Africa, the UK and worldwide!

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