Discovering more of Jinja

This year I’ve taken the step of hosting meetups, albeit very casual ones, here in Jinja for the photographic community. We aim to come together on a monthly basis for a photo walk, each time exploring somewhere new.

So what is a photo walk? It’s simply a get together of like minded people who love photography! They may be professionals or amateurs, shooting on their dSLRS, their iPhones or on film. There’s usually some walking involved, but if you’ve ever walked with a photographer, you’ll know they don’t exactly walk fast!




By meeting up like this, we’re building friendships, but we’re also creating a space in which we can share and help motivate each other creatively. Together we can explore places that otherwise we might not have the confidence to explore on our own.

I love how even though we’re all photographing the same places, the results are so different. We all view the world through our own lens, both literally and figuratively speaking, and I love seeing that play out in the images we make.

Back in February we checked out the old Amber Court Club, just outside of Jinja town. What a gem of a place! I can’t wait to go back for another shoot there soon.

Follow our #jinjaphotowalk hashtag to see what we come up with from our next session – May 27th 2019! And here’s the facebook event page for May’s meet up (newcomers are very welcome!).