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choose your own adventure

documentary family photography.
no posing. no fuss.

Hiking on trails in the forest, chasing waves on the beach, scrabbling up boulders on the mountain side, riding bikes on the lake shore. Whatever your family adventure, let’s capture it.

You might think that family photography is all about matching outfits and holding a smile at the camera, but like you, I like to do things differently. I value the stuff that makes you and your family who you are. We don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary or forced, in fact, I actually want to capture you exactly as you are in all the moments, messy, chaotic, raw and real.

up to 2 hours

Full Family Sessions

This is documentary photography wherever you feel at home. 

Two hours, no posing, no fuss. Your family captured as it truly is, in all its glory. These sessions are a glimpse into your daily life.

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